Sharma Scientific instruments from its inception, been known for high quality products, competitive prices and innovation. We are leading Manufacturer and dealers of Scientific Equipments & Lab Equipments like Autoclave, Automatic Water Still(Manesty type), Bacteriological Incubator, bod incubator, Colony Counter, Constant temprature Water Bath, Double walled Water Bath, Egg Popultry Incubator, Electric bunsen burner, Fum Hood chamber, Heting mantle, Hot Air Oven, Humidity Chamber, KJELDHAL Distilation unit, Laboratry Furnace, Laminar Air Flow Bench, Laminar Air Flow Bench (Vertical), Microproccesor Controlled, Mini Rotary Flask Shaker, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Oven and Incubator comined, Ractangular Hot Plate, Rota Dyermachine, Round Hot Plate, Serum Inspissator, Slide warming Table, Ultra Cryostat Constant Temprature Baths, Ultra Low Freezers, Univarsal Bath, Vaccum Oven, Water Still.

Sharma Scientific instruments has achieved a remarkable manufacturing by performance, precision workmanship, constant developments and after sales services. Ourworks is utmost care and under strict & rigid quality controls, raw-material selection to various kind of rigorous tests, left spread to make the product performance perfect believed inentire satisfaction for quality as well as for cost.