Humidity ovens confirming to standard specifications, specially desinged for climatic and durability tests where the Rh value is above freesing point. They are used for drying environment of plant, animal growth, investigation of vapour proofness of packed material, determination of die-electric strength, insulation test of electronic component, mechanical assemblies, paints etc.

Technical Specification

Temperature Range 10°C to 60°C
Humidity Range 40%RH to 95%RH
Accuracy +0.2°C & +2.0% RH
Uniformity +2.0°C & +3.0% RH
Test Suitable for 25°C & 60% RH, 30°C & 65% RH, 40°C & 75% RH, 30°C & 75% RH
Specially designed chambers for Low Humidity conditions such as 25°C & 40% RH, 40°C & 25% RH, 30°C & 35% RH
Control System PLC or PID Based


Working volume 3,6,10,12,15,18,20,22, CU.ft.
Exterior Heavy Guage - Mild Steel.
Interior Polished Stainless / Anodized Aluminium.
Chamber Trippled Walled.
Mobility On Castor Wheel.
Insulation SuperiorThermofiber board / PUF Insulation.
Inner Door Full view glass with metal frame.
Outer Door Of massive construction having seals I against atmospheric infiltration by rubber gasket.
Shelves Fabricated precisely to give minimum resistance to air circulation
Finish With attractive and durable powder coated paint in pleasant shed.
Circulation Forced air circulation for uniform temperature by suction blower with Fan
Front panel Mains rocker switch, Cooling / Heating rocker switch, Microcontroller Toggle switches for high and low position ofheaters, Fues.
illumination With the opening of the door