Serum Inspissators, Tripple walled, In side made of stainless steel covered with stinless steel jacket duly welded for leakproof construction. Outside made of CRC sheet. Attractively painted with powder coated paints. Gap between the ~ wall filled with glass wool. In side chamber is provided with low height partition to place test tube in angle position. A full view perspex cover is provided for easy viewing.Bottom is fitted with adjustable screw assembly to place bath in angle position. supplied with inlet & outlet of water to maintain water level.

Control by thermostat or microprocessor based digital temperature indicator cum controller with dual display, accuracy ± 0.50 or better. Complete with three core wire and plug to work on 230 VAC.

Optional Fittings Digital Time 0-24 Hours, Chamber size (cms.)

L W D To hold tube
45 17.5 5 25
45 35.0 17.5 50
60 35.0 5 100