We offer a wide range of products which include Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, Micro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit, Fume Hood Chamber, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Electric Bunsen Burner and Laminar Air Flow Bench.

Laboratory Product List

  • Kjeldahl Distillation Unit
    The policy made by our company makes us occupied in manufacturing a quality assured range of Kjeldahl Distillation Unit.

    Specifications :
    This is very useful for distillation purpose for 300 ml. and 500 ml. Capacity flasks. Provided with condenser rack. To work on 200/230 volts AC supply. Available in 3 test or 6 test unit with mantle type / concealed hot plate type heating system.
    Features :
    • Rugged design
    • Simple Usage
    • Perfect functioning
  • Micro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit
    We are a famed enterprise that is occupied in manufacturing precisely-designed Micro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit.

    Specifications :
    This apparatus is used for estimation of nitrogen content in the substance by digestion in micro flasks of capacity 30,50 & 100 ml. The housing is made of mils steel painted with attractive stove enamel. To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. supply. SUPPLIED WITH LEAD FUME DUCT. Available in mantle type unit of 6 test only.
    • Compact design
    • Long lasting durability
    • Simple usage
  • Fume Hood Chamber
    Fume exhaust hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic. Obnosixous or otherwise harmful gases. vapours, mist etc. to protect' personnel and equipment. A motor driven blower created negative pressure with in the chamber extracting the contaminated air from work area and expel it into the atmosphere. The hood is ventilated of the air drawn for inside the laboratory which is used effectively for through sweep out of work chamber. Fabricated out of best quality thick weather resistant. Duroboard clad in Mica Lamination from outside, Inner chamber finished in chemically-resistant Epoxy paint and work surface covered with glazed electric plug is also provided to work on 220/230 V AC 50 Hz power plug.

    Working table size :
    4x2x2' 5x3x2' 6x2x2' 7x3x3' 8x3x3'
    Optional Accessories :
    • Complete exhaust system suitable for 10' duct and installation.
    • Fume Duct - PVC
    • Lead - Lining on work - area walls for radio - isotope application.
    • Special exhast system (for duct above 10ft.)
    • F.C. mouting base with storage space and door.
    • Acid resistance ceramic - tiles work surface (Work Table)
  • Constant Temperature Water Bath
    (High Precision) Constant Temperature Water Bath, In side made of stainless steel, Outside made of CRC sheet. Attractively painted with powder coated paints. Gap between the wall filled with glass wool. Control by microprocessor based digital temperature indicator cum controller with dual display. Accuracy + 0.5°C or better with a stirrer mounted on base and fitted on the side of the bath at the top. A separate switch is provided for mains, stirrer, permanent heater and booster heater. Complete with three core wire and plug to work on 230 VAC.

    Chamber (cms)
    L W D
    30 25 20
    35 30 25
    40 35 30
  • Electric Bunsen Burner
    Electric Bunsen, consumes approximately 350 watts, and it has numerous application in laboratory for heating test tube, crucibles, small flasks, etc. Irrespective of their shape. It also replaces gas burner. Heating element within a conically shaped refractory crucible which is enclosed in a stainless steel casing with proper insulation. The element attains the temperature range of 800° C to 900° C complete with energy regulator and cable suitable for operation on 230.V.A.C.
  • Laminar Air Flow Bench
    S.S.I. offers a comprehensive range of high performance Horizontal, Laminar Flow Clean Air Cabinets. Modular construction, combining aesthetic appeal with functional utility and efficiency. These are desiged to meet the filtration, illumination, Noise & Vibration requirements and US Federal Standard 209 B (BS 5295), providing airto meet class 100 (classl) conditions, to the extent applicable. Ideal for microbiological manipulations, work with biossays stenily, testing & resarch work, vial filling & bunging operation in parenteral units & for general dry & processing work in semiconductor industry etc. Provides a comfortable 'sit down' working position forthe operators.

    Construction : All Laminar Flow Clean Air cabinets are basically constructed out of thick teak, wood board, which is termite and insect proof, fire retardant and weather resistant. All exterior surfaces are covered with white Laminates. Interior surfaces are epoxy painted. Work table is made of mica top and side panels. Work table is made of mica _ ~ top and side panels of thick transparent plexiglass.

    Air Flow and Filtration : Laminar Flow Principle involves double filtration of air. Atomospheric air is drawn through pre filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters having effciency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP> thus retaining all airborne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger. Double filtered air blows in laminar flow through the worktable at designed velocity of 90ft. min ±20%

    Blower Motor Assembly : Duly balanced, direct drive motor blower units sized to provide adequate air flow volume over the entire surface of HEPA filter. Fitted with reputed make motor and operates with minimum noise level i.e.lowe rthan 65 db on scale and Vibration less thsn 2.5 um. Lighting: Work area properly illuminated by diffused, glare free fluorescent light.

    Power Requirement : 230 V. Single, Phase, 50 Hz, Ac Supply,

    Working Table Size : 2x2x2', 3x2x2', 4x2x2', 6x2x2', 8x2x2'
  • Microprocessor Controlled
    SSI COD Digestion Unit gives unique space saving, ease of operation and cost saving technique forthe determination of Chemicals Oxygen Demand. It is a solid block heated unit with provision for 15 samples to be digested at a time in 40 mm dia reaction vessels. All the samples are heated at 150C within + 1 % accuracy through a MICROPROCESSOR BASED PID DIGITAL 8.8.1. 53 (C) I TEMPERATURE INDICATOR CUM CONTROLLER. Special type of insulation ensures minimum heat loss thereby saving on electrical energy.

    • COMPACT IN CONSTRUCTION: Compact design requires minimum space.
    • NO NEED FOR WATER CIRCULATION: Air condensers with 60 cm height are used.
    • MORE NUMBER OF SAMPLES: With provision of 15 samples the space saving is tremendous.
    • MINIMUM NUMBER OF GLASS WARE: The only glass item used in this apparatus is reaction vessels and air condensers, which even when broken ae not expensive to replace.
    • LESS POWER CONSUMPTION: It works on 230 volts, 1000 watts, well designed with high efficiency temprature control and insulation with 15 samples a! a time. Electricity required per sample is considerably reduced.
    • EASE OF OPERATION: As you are following conventional COD analysis, the same chemicals are added with same proportion. Then simplyfill the reaction vessels and insert them in the block.
    • YOU HAVE THE OPTION: Calorimetry or titration. After digestion for 2 Hrs. at 150C you can use either calorimeter or convetional titration method for analysis. Both the methods have been studied an you can select the mothod as per you choice or as required by the type of sample. The range is from 0 to 500 ppm without dilution. Further samples can be cheeked with appropriate dilution.
    • STURDY DESIGN: The equipment uses minimum number of parts with highest reliability. It will hardly require any maintenance.
    • DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER WITH BUZZER: Is provided to indicate completion of refluxing.
    • METHOD: Standard 20 ml samples size is used with all the chemicals.
    • SET OF GLASSWARES : 15 sets of reaction vessels and air condenser are supplied with the unit.
  • Mini Rotary Flask Shaker
    Body made of heavy gauge PCRC sheet duly powder coated, all S.S.I. units are fitted with continous rating variable speed heavy duty motors and a shaking platform of size 450 mm x 450 mm, the unit is supplied with anyone shaking platform. Additional platform (OPTIONAL) can also be supplied at an extra cost.Fitted with variable speed motor, S.S.I. units can be supplied in following speed range options: from 50 to 250 rpm · from 80 to 300 rpm · from 80 to 350 rpm.
    • Digital RPM/SPEED meter.
    • Automatic 0-60 minuts "GERMAN" timer.
    • Digital ON/OFF timer with buzzer.
    • Spare shaking platform to cost extra.

    Flask Holding Capacity of the Platform
    Platform Size 1000 ml 500 ml 250 ml 150 ml 100-50 ml
    45 x 45cms - 9 16 25 36
    60 x 60cms 4 25 36 49 64
    75 x 75cms 9 36 49 64 81
  • Rota Dryer Machine
    Rota Dyer Machine is widely accepted by process Houses and Dyestuff Manufacturers as well as testing Labs. The Rota Dyer M/c. Saves lot of labour, Dyes & Chemicals, Cloth & Power. Perfect samples can be obtained in beaker Dyeing M/c, using only 5 to 10 gms. of cloth & comparatively . [! I very small am~unt of yes ~ ~hemicals. (The amount of Dyes & Chemicals 8.8.1. 27 . mayveryfordlfferentrecelples.SHARMARotaBeaker Dyeing Machine has been developed to enable Dyeing Technicians to establish receipies for Dyeing fabrics, Yarn & Testing of dye-stuff.The machine Consists of water bath (Covered by separate 5.5. Covered Filled in with glass wool which keeps Temp. Loses very much low. & This way it is better economical), Electrical immersion heaters & case with 18 or 12 Beaker (Made from 5.5. 316) & a control Panel to precisely control process Parameters.

    • Material : Made from Stainless Steel
    • Motor : 1/10 H.P. Single Phase.
    • Heater : 3 K.W./6K.W. cap. immersion Heaters
    • Temp. Range : Upto 100C (Controlled by Temp. Controller)
    • RPM : Revolution pf Motor is 20 approx.
    • Elect. Supply : 3 Phase, 440 volts.
  • Slide Warming Table
  • Double Walled Water Bath - Termostatic
    Double Walled, In side made of stainless steel, Outside made of CRC sheet / S.S. Attractively painted with powder coated paints, Gap between the wall filled with glass wool. Control by sensitive thermostat with indication of mains & control.Complete with stainless lid with concentric rings. Suitableto work on 230 V.A.C.

    Chamber (cms)
    L W D Hols
    35 25 10 6
    40 30 10 12
  • Laboratory Furnace
    Furnace is widely used in Laboratories, Industries, Sewage treatment planys, Engg. Colleges and Medical institutes, where high temp. is required with speed and accuracy.

    230 Volts, AC, Bigger Sizes are opareted on 440 Volts, AC. Calibration Certificate with traceability High Temp Furnaces are available with 1400C. Tempraturerange.
    • Light Weight
    • Sturdy Construction with Double Insulation
    • Rapid heat increament
    • Minimum heat losses
    • Precisely controlled by Micro Controller with dual display
    • Built in safely Alarm/Thermal fuse.

    Working Size
    Height (cm.) Width(cm.) Depth(cm.) K. w. SSI. - 1501 K. w. SSI. - 1502
    225 250 300 300 450
    100 125 150 200 225
    100 125 150 200 225
    1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0
    2.0 2.5 4.0 5.0 6.0

    Exterior Heavy guage CRC sheet with appropriate ventilation.
    Chamber High alumina refractories/ muffle baked at 1500 c.
    Insulation Light weight, Ceramic fibre wool of superior quality, highly resistive to temprature. Exterior is double walled within aur insulation.
    Finish With attractive and durable powder coated paint and pleasent shade.

    DESCRIPTION With Micro Controller With Energy Regulator
    FRONT PANEL Main switch, indicating Lamps for Mains & Control, Micro Controller. Main switch, indicating Lamps for Mains & Conttrol, Energy Regular, Pyrometer etc.
    HEATERS Kanthal A 1 Heating Elements. Kanthal A 1 Heating Elements.
    TEMP CONTROL Micro Controller Energy Regulator
    TEMP. RANGE Max 1200° C., Working 1150° c. Max. 930° c., Working 900° c., Max 1200° C., Working 1150° c. Max. 930° c., Working 900° c.,
    ACCURACY +/-2° C. or better +/-10° C. or better
    DISPLAY Digital On Parameter
    SENSOR "K" Type - Cr/AI Thermo couple "K" Type - Cr/AI Thermo couple